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2015 Over Already?

Could it be true? Is 2015 already almost completely in the books? It is, and it has been a fantasic year for TRL Photos. Business grew by leaps and bounds this year with the Real Estate division servicing 3 different realtors, and 2 private party sellers. I took on some commisioned work in addition to my portrait and model division which grew by 55% and my Christmas card special alone was up 125%! TRL Gallery Art's ( sales were up 300% over last year as well. As you can see, there is a lot to be thankful for in 2015, and my hope is that 2016 sees even more growth. Thank you to each and everyone of my customers who made being a photographer so enjoyable and rewarding. I'm busy wrapping up the last of the editing from my end of the year sessions and have some new specials coming the first of the year, so please stay tuned and have a blessed New Year!


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